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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum length of time an exhibition can be booked?

Three weeks.

Are there discounts if longer periods are booked?

No. All Graphicus Touring exhibitions are good value for money and have been priced as low as possible to enable the smallest of venues to afford to hire. There is no room for us to negotiate discounts.

How big are the exhibitions?

They vary. However, most require approximately 25 running meters of wall space and display cases where appropriate.

What insurance value are the exhibitions?

This varies with the exhibitions from £10,000 to £40,000.

We have limited storage space. Will there be a problem storing crates etc during an exhibition’s duration?

There shouldn’t be. We have recently re configured our exhibitions so that most now travel in collapsible trolleys rather than in large wooden crates. Only when an exhibition travels by air or across water will the crates be used in future.

How are the exhibitions to be hung?

Works should be securely fixed by mirror plates supplied to prevent loss or damage.

However, the hanging of the exhibition is the responsibility of the venue and if an alternative, secure, system is in place this may be used providing the framed art work supplied is returned to its original state and condition. Whatever, all work should be carried out to professional museum standards with technical support. If adequate technical support is not available, Graphicus Touring may be able to provide this at extra cost to the venue.

Do we have to pay for transportation of an exhibition?

Within the mainland of the UK the exhibitions are delivered to venues free of charge by Graphicus Touring. On-going transportation, to either a following venue or back to safe storage near Swindon, is the responsibility of the venue and at the cost of the venue. Insurance cover for on-going transportation is also the responsibility of the venue. Alternatively, venues are able to take advantage of an inclusive fee for Graphicus Touring to arrange on-going transportation.

Does an exhibition have to have a constant invigilating presence?

No. Providing a venue is confident that all and every object in the show is secure, and that all and every object is completely covered by the agreed insurance value of the exhibits the exhibitions need not be under constant surveillance. The level of adequate supervision is the responsibility of the venue.

Can we add items from our own collections to the Graphicus Touring exhibitions?

Yes, where appropriate. All Graphicus Touring exhibitions are created as stand alone exhibitions, however, they are also designed to be flexible and we are happy for relevant material from venues’ own collections to be added to the core exhibition.

Are there any links with the national curriculum?

A number of the exhibitions lend themselves to national curriculum subjects – especially History (e.g. ‘The Victorians’), social history, Literature and Art activities. However, the shows have not been specifically designed to support the national curriculum and it is for individual curators and education officers to imaginatively exploit the resources of the exhibitions in this way. A number of venues have done this very successfully.

Are graphics, including posters, supplied with an exhibition?

Yes. Each exhibition is fully supported with appropriate printed information and comes with a professional designed main graphics panel and a set of labels (often with informative and explanatory texts), one for each exhibit. A pdf file of a professionally designed poster is supplied for each exhibition in order that local and specific information may be added by a venue before any print-run is made. All printing of posters are at the cost of the venue.

Does supporting material come with the exhibitions?

Yes, where appropriate. For example, a number of the exhibitions have ‘worksheets’ supplied that can be duplicated and used in the exhibition space by curators or education officers or others. Some exhibitions come with books and/or three dimensional artefacts for display. These must be kept in secure display cabinets although curators etc can handle them when working with project groups.

Are artists available to give gallery talks?

Yes, whenever possible. The contemporary artists are willing to give gallery talks or lectures but as they are all practising artists this will depend on their diary commitments. There is a nominal fee charged for any talk plus the artist’s expenses.

Additionaly, Dr Leo John De Freitas is available to give illustrated talks on all of the exhibitions and in particular the historically themed shows. Again a nominal fee plus expenses is charged.

Is there promotional media back-up for the exhibitions?

Yes. Each venue comes with a generic Press Release that can be editing to the venues’ specific needs and images from the exhibitions are available for both print and electronic display. Dr De Freitas is happy to respond to press calls either by personal visit or telephone interviews to talk about any of the exhibitions.

Can an exhibition be split between two or more sites?

Yes. Providing the mother venue takes full responsibility for the entire exhibition Graphicus Touring is happy to allow an exhibition to be divided up and seen in a number of locations.

Can an exhibition be provisionally booked?

Yes. In fact, to avoid disappointment Graphicus Touring recommends making a provisional booking as far ahead as possible. Until a signed contract is exchanged between Graphicus Touring and a venue there is no obligation on either side. A provisional booking ensures that should a conflict of bookings potentially occur the venue that has made a provisional booking is given the first right of refusal.

For more information please contact Graphicus Touring on 01295 256110