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Exhibtion services

Our idea from the start was to create exhibitions that the small to medium sized venue could both afford and exploit.

Our exhibitions show not only stand-alone exemplars of excellence in British graphic arts but are supportive of venue activities in exploring the arts and elucidating our social history. From Thomas Rowlandson’s and Thomas Bewick’s depiction of late 18th and early 19th century life in town and country through the fantasy of the ‘Alice’ illustrations to the contemporary view of our life and mores in Paul Slater’s 21st century illustrations and John Butler’s wood carvings the exhibitions are there to support on-going or innovative educational/ entertainment programmes of our clients.

The fantastic too has its historical representative in John Tenniel’s interpretation of Alice’s Wonderland and in the contemporary world of Dave McKean.

New exhibitions are constantly in the planning stages

Curatorial Servcies

Curating exhibitions is never straightforward and Graphicus Touring can be employed as consultants to assist or project-manage shows.

From original research to final installation – or for any of the intermediate stages, such as catalogue compilation or texts for publicity – our accumulated experience can be relied upon to deliver successful outcomes.

In addition to the creation and distribution of the exhibitions in Graphicus Touring’s portfolio Dr De Freitas organised and ran the competition and exhibition for the national Illustrations Awards for the Victoria and Albert Museum from their inception in 1985 until 2004.

Lectures & illustrated talks

Each of the created exhibitions can be supported by curatorial talks Click here for more information.


For more information please contact Graphicus Touring on 01295 256110