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A Collector's Choice

How many times have you wondered why someone has spent good money on things you wouldn’t, perhaps, give houseroom to? This varied and interesting exhibition gives the opportunity of visitors to see the range of paintings, prints and drawings bought by one amateur collector accompanied by his comments on what encouraged him to buy them.

It is a chance to see pictures and read the judgements made on choosing, together with the chance for visitors to ask themselves whether or not they agree with the decisions and whether they would have spent their money on them? There are modern and traditional pictures in the collection but nothing is so rare or monetarily valuable that any piece would not have been beyond the pocket of the average person.

Exhibition Specifications

Minimum of thirty (30) framed paintings, prints and drawings with A4 explanatory labels.

Introductory graphic panel.

Professionally designed poster supplied in pdf format to be adapted for printing by venue.

Gallery Requirements

40-60 running meters.


Exhibitions require patrolling during opening hours and a comprehensive alarm system & secure premises at night

Hiring Fee

£150/week for a minimum of three weeks.

Transport Costs

Venues to arrange forward transport or take advantage of an inclusive transport tariff whichever is preferred.


Please contact: Dr Leo John Defreitas


For more information please contact Graphicus Touring on 01295 256110