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Dave McKean

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A retrospective

Dave McKean grew up with the exciting potential of "New Comics" - with the idea that for the artist the comic medium could be a means of substantial creative expression and not merely an exercise in drawing graphic stereotypes. Beginning with the traditional materials of pen and ink and conventional formats McKean quickly emerged as an artist of rare innovative ideas, adapting mixed media and collage techniques to the compelling design of covers and layouts for comic books and the new graphic novels. His reputation was spread through such works as Violent Cases, Arkham Asylum, Signal to noise, The Sandman, and Mr. Punch.

A graphic experimenter and innovator at heart McKean responded full-heartedly to the new disciplines and possibilities the computer promised graphics from the 1980s onwards. He brought his experience of mixed media to the powerful potential of the computer and has already created many memorable pieces of work, which have assured him a place in the international history of 21st century graphic art. In 2005 he made his directorial debut in film with Mirror Mask – a visually stunning fantasy story co-written with the graphic novelist Neil Gaiman with whom he has worked on a number of print projects including Mr Punch, Signal to Noise, and the two children’s books, The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish and Wolves in the Wall – the latter having been interpreted for theatre by the Improbable company together with the National Theatre of Scotland.

This exhibition has proved particularly attractive to a teenage and young adult audience although anyone with an interest in contemporary popular culture will find it exhilarating.

Exhibition Specifications

Minimum of 50 framed works of original comic book art, book illustrations, photographs, printed album covers and personal projects

Introductory graphic panel

Optional: Display of comics, books, CD covers etc.

Professionally designed pdf poster for publicity; to be adapted and printed by venues.

Gallery Requirements

30-40 running meters

Optional: secure display case


Exhibitions require patrolling during opening hours and a comprehensive alarm system & secure premises at night

Hiring Fee

£200/week for a minimum of three weeks.

Transport Costs

Venues to arrange forward transport or take advantage of an inclusive transport tariff whichever is preferred.


Please contact: Dr Leo John Defreitas


For more information please contact Graphicus Touring on 01295 256110