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Welcome... our Graphicus Touring site.

For close on two decades we have made available to the arts and culture sector a selection of exhibitions created from the excellencies of both the past and the present in British graphic arts.

From the unique prints of John Tenniel’s illustration for the two ‘Alice’ books to the original art work of graphic novel artist Dave Mckean we have created exhibitions that bring to the wider public images and ideas both entertaining and influential.


From the north of Britain to the sunnier climes of Europe, from modest local government museums to international venues, organisers in libraries, art centres, literary festivals, schools, municipal museums and galleries, as well as national institutions, have found in one or other of our exhibitions shows they wish to bring to their publics. If there is one thing we wished to support from the start it was that the smaller, possibly less financially wealthier, venue should have access to some of the graphic works of distinction that have been created in the UK.

Comments from our Visitors' Books

Wonderful exhibition - sharp, funny, truthful. Death is shown as being very cheeky and mocking, but the 'Oh well' expression of the ship wrecked sailor, and the ability of Art and Learning to outwit Death (and Time) can help us not to be scared of him, Hopefully. What an amazingly talented man Rowlandson was. Very well presented exhibition.

“Stopped off on way to London and glad we did. We are learning about art and learnt a lot, enjoyed a lot and thought a lot. Images will travel with us. Many thanks.”

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